Friday, January 16, 2015

East vs. West

Growing up my mom had a lot of allergies that lead to other health issues. She’s totally fine, but through her process I learned a lot. I never use margarine or shortening when I cook because soy is just not something we ate. (Soy is what those products are made from in case you didn’t know.) As I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered my own food sensitivities. There are just certain products that I can’t do. I now avoid soy because it’s not great for me. I also do everything I can to avoid antibiotics because I’ve had two bad allergic reactions, one even put me in the hospital for four days.

So with all of this it’s safe to say I try to be careful what I put in my body. I’m not perfect with my diet but I’m working on that. When I get sick I try to use natural remedies first. I use fresh garlic to treat a yeast infection. I have made my own nasal wash to fight severe congestion. I also use regular medicines when I need to. My husband has had two colds in the past few weeks. Finally this weekend, we put him to bed with a couple of Nyquil for a couple nights and he’s finally improving and staying well.  

But I never use medicines exclusively. I like to try natural options. I do a lot of vitamins when sick. If my husband is congested I always give him a neck rub since that’s where his body holds his stress. It’s amazing how well it works. His nose is always running and he feels more relaxed when I’m done. I’ve even been known to make him swallow whole garlic when he’s been sick and he didn’t have insurance.

When we moved in 2013 we both left jobs with benefits behind. We had no insurance and terrible colds. That’s when my mom mentioned a really great product to me. The product(s) is DoTERRA essential oils. 
These are oils from plants and natural sources. I’ve dabbled here and there and recently found huge benefits. My two favorite oils are Vetiver and Whisper.

Vetiver is from the roots of a grass grown in Haiti. It smells very earthy. It is completely relaxing to me and is fantastic to help you fall asleep. The first time I was exposed to it I fell right asleep and I didn't even know it was in the  blend that I had put on. Just relaxes me. It's help with some muscle/nerve damage and is great help for sleep issues including insomnia. 

Whisper is a blend by DoTERRA. It's meant for women. It helps balance the body and smells amazing. It's one of the few products that include jasmine. I wear it as a perfume most times. I've also rubbed it on my lower abdomen to help with "lady aches". 

There are so many other amazing products that are a great compliment to everyday medications we're used to, but these won't deplete our bodies nearly as much or at all. These are going to be safer and have fewer negative interactions. I still take Tylenol for a fever, but I'll use oils right along with it. There is no need to suffer anymore. Not when we have all of these products to help us. 

If you'd like to learn more please visit my DoTERRA website to find out about products and more. Click Here!

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