Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crazy Monday

So, my mom has been in town for the past week. I need to write about the fun we've had. On Monday and Tuesday of this week I took the afternoons off and we just went wild. On Monday when I came home from work we went out to In N Out for lunch. The classic Californian burger. After that we headed up toward the Hollywood sign. We got some cool pictures there. Eric found this cool path one day and so we walked a little ways up and took pictures. Eventually Eric and I will walk all the way up. I just need to wear more sensible shoes next time. It's a cool picture to have and we like it.

After that we drove down to Hollywood Blvd. We saw Grumman's Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theatre and the stars on Hollywood Blvd. We didn't actually get out of the car though because it was pretty crowded. So, we drove on and ended up at the Beverly Center so Eric and my mom could go potty. It was fun being there, but we didn't have any money for shopping so we paid our $1 for parking and moved on.

The next stop was the La Brea Tar Pits. Really, it's more like just one Tar Pit. It's this place where anciently tar was bubbling to the surface of the earth and lots of animals' remains were stuck there. Now, it's been filled with rain water and stuff so the pit is more of like a really dirty pond. Lots of dinosaur fossils have been found here. It's still a very active place. Methane continues to bubble up. Randomly big bubbles would come to the surface of the "pond" and it smells kind of bad. Tar is even coming up in little spots along some walk ways and across the street on the curb. Just a cool place in history right in the middle of Los Angeles.

After we went there we drove up Wilshire Blvd to Rodeo Dr. We definitely didn't get out there because we can't even afford to get out of the car on Rodeo Drive. It was fun to see the stores there though and dream of what life could be like.

We headed up through Beverly Hills after that and saw some pretty cool homes. We ended up on Mulholland Drive and saw some spectacular houses down below. We even stopped at some of the look out points. There were amazing views of downtown LA and the Valley depended on which side of the road you were on. To the left is a picture Eric took of downtown LA. It didn't look as smoggy in real life. It was actually really beautiful. Everything just goes on forever. It's cool to be part of something so big. I really like living here. We live near some cool stuff, but also it's just super fun.

After we went there were came home and had dinner. We all nearly fell into bed we were so tired and it was only 7pm when we got home. Just so much to see around here

On Tuesday we had a little time and just kind of chilled out around home. Then in the afternoon we headed to the WB to watch a taping of the run through for Kelsey Grammer's pilot of his new TV show. The current title is "The Pryor's". I liked it and I think it will be fun to watch, especially with your family. You should be able to see it this fall. Kelsey looks really good and fresh. It's a different character for him, which is nice to see. It was a really good time to see them work through things and start some scenes over. Since it wasn't the official taping of the show he still used his script at times, but it was still great. I recommend going to a taping for anyone that comes to LA. It's just so much fun!

I'll write more later for the other things we did this week. It was just tons of fun!

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