Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gas and Los Angeles

Sorry it's been so long since I've written anything. Eric and I have been working on a film this month. Well, we were only on set for like 2.5 weeks, but then we had to recover. It's a film about scout camp and it was super fun. There were 7 main boys and I just fell in love with all of them. I hope that all their careers will take off. I'm excited to see them succeed in life; once they graduate high school that is.

Anyway, we have much bigger news right now. We are finally moving to the Los Angeles area. We'll look into Burbank any some other near-by cities. We're so excited and a little bit scared. We're going to stay with my grandparents (they live about 1.5 - 2 hours away from L.A.) and visit family at first, then we'll look into places to live and work. We want a bit of vacation before we have to do loads of work and never get a day off again. We might even go to Disneyland. We're very excited! Oh yeah, we're leaving in 4 days too. I can't believe how soon it is. Eric has an interview in about 2 weeks. He will hopefully have a job very soon.

In other, funnier news: gas was spilled in the back of our van. Well, it wasn't a ton, just a slow leak that made our car reek. We spent a lot of yesterday scrubbing the carpet and sucking it up with a carpet vacuum. It's smelling tons better already. We were able to leave the windows down last night so hopefully it's aired out now. I haven't been out there yet today, but I'll let you know how it goes. It made for a really awful weekend. Everything just reeked of gas and I didn't like it at all. So, don't ever spill gas on any carpet you care about keeping around. It's no fun to clean up.

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Lalani said...

Hooray for knowing what you're going to do! I hope you love Southern California! Good luck in all you do. I will miss you.