Monday, July 13, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know (for no real good reason) that I hate the heat. I would much rather be cold than hot. I'd probably rather freeze to death than burn to death. Here are a couple of things I think about hot weather and the heat.
  • I think it's ridiculous that in this day and age that not every building (including our apartment) has central heating and air. I need better AC than an ancient machine.
  • When it's cold you can always bundle up and get under blankets, but in the summer you can only take so much off.
  • I get annoyed when people complain that the AC is too cold when it's nearly 100 degrees outside. Bring a sweater if you must because the rest of us would not like to melt.
  • I get annoyed when weather people think that the weather/temperature is better when it gets closer to 100 degrees.
  • I feel claustrophobic in the heat. I just can't escape out of the situation.

I think I should just move to London one day where it is much cooler and it rains a lot. Now that, I can handle. Good luck to all of you who are trying to stay cool out there!


Julie and Andy said...

I agree 100% with you. I don't know what I am going to do in Florida! AAA

T. Anderson said...

I don't think I could handle Florida. I'm actually kind of scared of going to the East Coast, however, now that Adam is moving to Baltimore I might have to. Hopefully Eric won't kill me for all of my complaining.