Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's going on?

First, thank you to everyone who wrote me encouraging notes after my last post. It made me feel really good. Now, onto, "What is going on in my life?"

Well, that is a tricky question. For right now, it's pretty much the usual. I'm working part time while Eric finishes up his classes for this semester. It's hectic, but normal. However, May is going to be a whole new bucket of fun. The first two and a half weeks Eric is producing a movie that will be in production. So, he'll be on set everyday and I have the pleasure of being there with him. I'll be there because I am now in charge of all the food on set. I will still be working my regular job (9am-2pm Monday-Thursday) and then heading to set to keep things running smoothly. I will have assistants who can be there to make sure things are set out and looking pretty. However, I have to do all sorts of stuff ahead of time. I will be buying groceries for craft services (snacks, fruit, veggies, drinks, etc.) and ordering all the meals. It will be fun, but incredibly chaotic.

After that is done, life could just get a little bit crazier. We'll be packing up to move out of our apartment. Our last day here is May 31st. So, we'll have about 2 weeks to pack everything and clean like crazy. That should be enough time, but I've never packed a whole apartment by myself and I don't think that Eric has either. It's going to be a whole lot of fun and we'll see how it all goes. At this point though, you're probably asking, "So, where are they moving?" That is a "premium" question, as Alex in Everything is Illuminated would say. The truth is, we have no idea where we're moving. A lot of it depends on where Eric gets work. It's possible we could be in Los Angeles, CA in June or we might just move somewhere nearby. We're hoping to know by the middle of May, but anything is possible.

There are so many possibilities and Eric has so much potential that there are a million different paths that we could go down. We just don't know which one it is yet. It makes me nervous a lot, but at the same time I have faith that it will work out. Being married to a filmmaker has definitely increased my patience and my faith. The Lord has always blessed us and not forgotten us. Times may be difficult in the future, but never impossible.

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