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Age of DIFFUSION saw Avengers: Age of Ultron this past weekend. It was amazing, as the Avengers usually are. I have crushes on most of them, but that’s a conversation for another post. As I was watching I kept thinking, “These peeps need some oils and to just relax a little.” I really enjoyed the film, but I realized they all need some extra oils to help them with their super powers. But first I would recommend they start diffusing Balance and Serenity in their headquarters. I’d go with a Petal or Lotus diffuser to fit their aesthetic. A little “Liquid Xanax” could really help them with the narcissism and frantic need to save the world.

Black Widow: I love Black Widow. She’s a great reminder of how tough women can be. She is beautiful, fit and powerful. The combination all of us women strive to be. However, she has a very dark history that seems to weigh quite heavy on her. She could really use a dose of Elevation every now and then. It’s a proprietary blend that helps a person feel joyful. It just might lighten her mood and help her feel better between Avenging events. She has got to be using the Veráge skin care and Salon Essentials collections to always look so good. They’re the best way to get clear skin and the perfect blow out!

Hawkeye: He needs to use OnGuard to protect him against germs. This will help boost his immune system and keep him from getting sick. With the shocking surprise in the newest film you realize he really needs to protect against little germs while he’s away from THE AVENGERS. Can you just imagine him sneezing while shooting an arrow? That’s not going to work out too well.

Iron Man: He is my original Avengers crush. I don’t care he’s nearly as old as my dad. He’s one handsome superhero. He does seem to have a hard time focusing without saying something inappropriate. A small roller ball across is neck or up his spine of the proprietary blend of InTune could very well help him focus. Just maybe then people would like him a little more, but he might not be as funny.  Since his heart is in a precarious situation he might want to add in some oils for heart health to give it a little extra boost each day. There are lots of different oils he can try to keep his ticker in tip-top shape.

The Hulk: Oh boy, this guy is an extra challenge. He’s complicated and lovely. For him I would start with DDR Prime to help with cellular renewal. Just maybe he can repair the cells from the experimentation he’s done and stop turning into a green monster. Or worst case scenario he can alleviate some of the pain associated with the frequent changes to his body. He could use an extra dose of Serenity and Balance to help him keep calm and avoid changing into the Hulk at all. I think that would make Bruce Banner very happy. I would also add some lemongrass and Deep Blue Rub to his daily routine to alleviate any aches or pains his muscles go through as the Hulk. Crushing cars and buildings has got to be painful.

Captain America: I guess being frozen for seventy years would make me pretty uptight too. A little Citrus Bliss rubbed on his wrists just might unwind him a little bit. A mix of Wild Orange and Balance is another great little trick to help ground a person while also lifting their spirits. Anything to help him see the calm in the chaos that surrounds him would be good. 

Thor: As the ruler of Asgard, Thor should be entitled to the king of oils - Frankincense. This oil is very grounding. As a God and ruler it’s good for him to be reminded why he’s helping us little Earth pukes. Hopefully it would also help him lose the narcissism he deals with knowing he’s a space god and more powerful than the Earthly Avengers. But who knows if our natural oils from the earth (dōTERRA) could even work on an immortal being like him? We’ll do our best.

Quicksilver: As a mutant I would recommend Lemon essential oil to be added to his water or rubbed on his wrists to help him detoxify his body. Also, who knows what he is picking up moving around so fast. A little cleansing never hurt anyone. He could also use the new Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex  daily to help any aches or pains he gets from moving so fast. 

Scarlet Witch: This girl is intense. Her powers are mesmerizing and terrifying. I can only imagine how many headaches she must get controlling the minds of so many people. Adjusting events, actions and thoughts has got to be challenging. A nice roller ball of Past Tense could really help ease the tension in her head, neck and shoulders after a long days work. Ouch!

Vision: He leaves me speechless. He sounds so perfect and reasonable when he speaks, but that might just be the accent. A little bit of Peppermint might help keep his mind clear and focused on the tasks ahead. He could also really use some of the Lifelong Vitality Pack to help maintain the human cells he does have.

Falcon: This guy is tough and he flies. He’s got HUGE wings and you know what they say about a guy with huge wings? He always needs a back rub. Lavender is a great oil to massage into his back to help relax and calm him after a busy day of flying around, saving the world. . He’ll be safe around other birds with the Lavender massaged into his back and shoulders. It won’t scare off any of the lady falcons he tries to get close to or ruffle any feathers. Each Avenger has their own unique needs, but as usual there is an “oil for that”. They should diffuse plenty of calming blends at headquarters or wherever they are so that they can stay calm, friendly and focused on the mission at hand. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential Oils are just another tool for them to use in their arsenal.
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